QCHPA Continued Personal Development

QCHPA members and The Quest Institute believe that we never stop learning and growing, as individuals and as therapists.

Here you can find out about the events hosted by the QCHPA and The Quest Institute. Those that regularly seek to develop themselves and their work as therapists can provide the most relevant, cutting-edge service for their clients.

Questival is a wonderful event that happens each year. It really sums up the spirit that is Quest and our QCHPA members. It brings together people from all walks of life because they love the community that is Quest. Members of the public are also given a warm Questie welcome at Questival.

We call ourselves Questies and Questival provides not just a great learning opportunity, but a yearly reminder of why we love what we do.

Questival 2018 with Dr. Maria Sirios

Positive Psychology research over the last two decades has done much to increase our knowledge of practical tools/perspectives that elevate optimism, wellbeing, engagement and happiness at work and improved relationships. Yet, some of its most interesting concepts require us to look beyond the positive into the realm of paradox in order to answer compelling questions:  What is the place of happiness in a dark time?  What is hope when reality is excruciating?  Why does authenticity sometimes lead to incongruence in terms of our values or to disconnection with one’s self and with others?  Our exploration of these questions will provide us an opportunity to both become more grounded in core principles/practices of positive psychology while elevating understanding to new levels, ones in which we find more ease resting in paradox as we continue to grow.

You can watch her mesmeric delivery in this Ted X talk.

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Questival 2017 A Masterclass with Rubin Battino

The title of the day was “Expectation: Very brief therapy, and hypnosis.” Rubin rarely sees a client for more than one, extended session, which can be a bit of a stretch for his audience. I was at pains beforehand to explain that learning from his method didn’t commit you to his method. I never see clients for less than 3 sessions, but can still incorporate much of his way of working within that framework. His philosophy begins by setting the expectation for the time spent together – ‘What are you willing to change today” is an opening gambit. Think about that, and the elegant way it binds the client to the task ahead. From there we were gifted with a smorgasbord of techniques, approaches, mindsets, simple words and phrases that can have a such a dramatic effect in a therapeutic session. Read more of Trevor’s thoughts on the day here.

One of our favourite quotes from the day!

Questival 2016 – Three Fabulous Speakers

How to take control, take action and from a place of mindful, compassionate awareness.

The last thing our clients want is to discover their therapist is more stressed out than they are. This year’s Questival gave us two important things. One: how to make sure we manage our own lives and our work in a productive and mindful way. Two: how to help our clients, who are overwhelmed by life, take back a sense of control of their inner and outer lives.

Here’s what our students said!

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