Hypnotherapy CPD Event London: Rubin Battino Masterclass

“Just wanted to say what a fantastic event the masterclass with Rubin Battino was today. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and charismatic. I learned loads and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also very seamlessly organized.”

“Just woken up this morning following the most amazing master class from Rubin yesterday. Where to start with how brilliant it was. So much love in the room and so much learning to be had. I think I spent most of the day in trance:-D I loved how complexly simple it all was and can’t wait to see clients this week.”

“I thought the day was fantastic, such a pleasure to learn from him x”

“Many thanks to everyone who was involved in putting the Rubin Battino Masterclass on yesterday. What a great privilege it was to see a master in action.”

“What a superb day with Rubin. Thanks for making it possible”

“Just to add to the chorus of praise for yesterday. I really loved it! What an amazing and adorable man he is! I really gained so much from his simplicity and my head is now buzzing with ideas. So nice to catch up with so many lovely Questies too. Thanks to all of you who organized it.”

“Thank you to Team QCHPA for organizing the day with Rubin Battino yesterday. The venue was great and it was such a privilege to hear Rubin speak. I learned so much from him, not least the importance of the pause.”

“On the train heading home after a wonderful day with Rubin. Big thanks to QCHPA. Now understand Trevor’s description of this being a distillation (had to be a chemistry pun) of a lifetime’s work and a lifetime’s experience in science, hypnotherapy, and humanity. Complicatedly Simple and Simply Complicated [you had to be there for that one!]. Lovely grub too!”