Questival is a one day annual event, hosted by QCHPA (Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapists Practitioners Association). Each year we invite speakers at the forefront of groundbreaking research around how the mind works, therapeutic models, neuroscience and psychology, to offer inspiring insights into their work and lives.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy

We understand how challenging it can be to find the right help, from the right person.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy offers an approach which emphasises the unique way you experience your issue. By focusing on this we are able to create a way of working with you that can draw from a great range of approaches and not be limited by labels or fixed protocols.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based therapy founded on a set of principles that we believe best support the potential for lasting change in any individual.

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The Effectiveness of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy

For Treatment of Anxiety and Depression Compared with Other Therapies such as CBT

QCH Clients Improved
Other Therapies Improved

The Mental Health Review Journal September 2015. Results taken from a pilot study using 118 cases.

As an organisation, and as individual therapists, we are constantly improving and evaluating our work with clients. We don’t just talk about the general evidence out there that suggests hypnosis works. We have evidence specific to our unique approach to working with people, giving you that extra confidence when booking your therapist with our online Therapist Finder.

It is important to find the right approach and therapist for you. The relationship you have with your therapist will play a key role in the success of your work together. All our registered therapists will be happy to talk with you, without any obligation on your part to book.

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