What is Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH)?

We are here to offer you hope that change is possible, and the knowledge that your reality is yours to make.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy provides a framework and way of thinking that enables our therapists to purposefully use a great range of therapeutic techniques, ideas and tools to best support you in achieving your outcomes. You are unique, and so will be the way we help you. Among the beliefs that guide us are:

  1. All behaviour has a positive purpose, and people are doing the best they can with what they have available at that moment.
  2. People have everything they need to solve their issues.
  3. The ultimate purpose of therapy is to help you develop an internal locus of control, where you are in charge of how you respond to life.
  4. All problems are created by the mind, and so are all solutions.
  5. Trance is an everyday phenomenon present in every problem and an aid to the person’s solution.

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Some Common Misconceptions

A common assumption is that Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH) is a cross between CBT and Hypnotherapy. That is a major misunderstanding.

CBT believes that our thoughts lead to our feelings. We believe that our feelings lead to our thoughts, so problems need addressing at the emotional level, rather than just at the rational level. It’s hard to think your way out of a bad feeling.

Also, QCH is dissimilar to much of traditional hypnotherapy, which tends to believe that trance is a special state the client is ‘put into’, and that the deeper the trance the better the effect. We don’t. We believe that trance is a mental state we enter multiple times a day – like when we daydream or are preoccupied with our thoughts. Indeed, whenever a client experiences the problem they want help with, they’re in a trance induced by their unconscious in order to get them to behave in a way the unconscious feels is best for them in that moment. So, in a way, what we help to do is ‘de-hypnotise’ you from an unhelpful state so you retain control of your feelings and actions in situations where you didn’t used to be able to. 

We’re Different Because…

We work from your model of the world, not our own. Nothing we believe to be true should need to be accepted by you for you to improve. It is for us to align our skills with your beliefs. We don’t try to squeeze you into any particular model by assigning labels or following rigid protocols. Instead, we work in a way that is flexible and provides for your way of thinking and being in the world. We use your unique way of experiencing your problem, and the patterns within your mind that cause that problem, to guide you towards the best possible solution.

We never use one-size fits all hypnotic scripts. We create suggestions aimed at your unconscious in a way that is unique to you. We believe that trance is an everyday occurrence. 90% of our choices and actions stem from being in a trance-like state, facilitated by your unconscious mind. If you are at all worried about hypnosis, please read our FAQ section for complete peace of mind. Unlike CBT therapists who, unless otherwise trained, work only with the conscious mind, we work with both the conscious and unconscious to ensure maximum, long-term success.

“Most of our behaviour is driven by our unconscious. So it had better be in agreement with you.”

Trevor Silvester

We never ask you go over and over your memories of the past. We work on past events only if we believe we can change the way your mind responds to them now and in the future – this is based on the theory of reconsolidation.

We want you to feel fully empowered to thrive – not just in the room with us, but out in the real world and far beyond your time in therapy. We do this by helping you achieve what we describe as an internal locus of control (ILOC).  An internal locus of control is the degree to which you believe that you have control over the outcome of events in your life, as opposed to external forces beyond your control. To be able to recognise that you have everything you need to determine your response to life events in a way that is useful. We want to create lasting change that safeguards against you needing a therapist every time you hit a bump in the road.

Create Your Life, Your Way

My Quest Hub

A growing, thought-provoking place to help you create your life, your way