QCHPA Supervisors

The QCHPA has a wealth of approachable and friendly Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Supervisors from all walks of life, so you will find it easy to choose a supervisor with whom you can form a productive and supportive partnership.

Anita Mitchell

Mob: 07813 126048
Email: anita@anitamitchell.co.uk

I qualified as a Quest Graduate at the beginning of 2007 with Q19. Since then I have worked full-time as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, whilst combining this with family life. I completed the MasterPract and Confident Childbirth Courses in 2007. I have attended all of the courses offered by Quest, and have assisted on the Diploma and MasterPract course several times. I can often be found at the back of the classroom of the Diploma weekend these days, whilst giving training support to Trevor, when I’m not interviewing prospective students for the diploma course.

In the past, I have worked as a secretary after training with Pitman’s, as the ‘Bounty Lady’ in maternity at Hillingdon Hospital (giving out free sample packs to the new mums) and in later years, as a London Taxi Driver (black cab) – all BQ (Before Quest). While each of these roles were interesting in their own right, I can honestly say that what I do now is the most interesting and rewarding work that I could ever hope to do. Combining my therapy practice with supervision seemed a natural progression for me, as I really enjoy helping others to be the best they can. Just like therapy, it’s great to be able to be a part of people’s journeys, as they develop into the therapists they want to be.

I’d like to think that I can have a laid back approach to supervision, whilst giving you the very best I can. That way, we get a working relationship going that can be open and honest. I’m not here to police you or your practice, or to tell you how to do things. What I am here for is to help you at the times you need help the most, whilst giving you regular support to ensure that both you and your clients are getting what they need. That way, your practice is likely to grow in the way you want it to, as satisfied clients mean great referrals.

I offer group as well as one-to-one supervision, usually over Zoom, though I am happy to work face-to-face for anyone who is local to Norfolk.

I’d really like the opportunity to have an informal chat with you about how we can work together to get what you need from supervision, so please do give me a call.

Annie Winfield-Shearer

Tel: 01256 320538
Mob: 07894 099351
Email: myhypnotherapyworks@icloud.com

I qualified with Quest in 2012 (Q32). I have assisted on a number of Quest courses and qualified as a Master Practitioner in 2014 and an NCH accredited Supervisor in 2018. I’ve continued to learn and have completed further training in Thought Field Therapy, Ollie Coaching, Baby Quest and PsyTap – all of which have enhanced my practice and given me a big ‘virtual toolbox’ of tools I can use with clients. I built my practice, as soon as I qualified, on the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire borders, initially practicing Monday to Friday, supplementing my income with agency nursing. Now my business is established and thriving, I see clients Tuesday – Thursday and have Mondays and Fridays as ‘admin’ days.

I worked in the NHS as a nurse for 32 years. As a Senior Sister and Team Leader, I was also a Clinical Supervisor for Nurses, Health Care Assistants, and Health Visitors and, in turn, was supervised by my peers and 1:1. I know, from years of experience, how critical supervision is in maintaining and improving professional standards. My approach to all therapy and practice is evidence based and even as an established therapist I remain in supervision simply because I’ve experienced its benefits in both my clinical and hypnotherapy practice.

I offer one to one supervision via Zoom, telephone or in person – whatever works for you. I am also happy to offer group supervision at my office in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

I firmly believe that as a qualified Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist you already know the answers to the questions and issues that you will bring to supervision; my role, through solution focussed supervision, is to help you discover them for yourself and be confident of your solution.

I know that your supervisor – whoever you choose – must be someone you are happy to share all your concerns with and who you trust implicitly.

I’m very happy to talk with any Questies – regardless of when they qualified – who feel I might be a good choice as supervisor for them. If you’d like to have a chat, please feel free to get in touch.

Cathy Simmons

Tel: 0207 419 7915
Email: cathy@cathysimmons.co.uk

Emerging from a background in Investment Banking and IT, I trained with Quest in the class of Q20, qualifying in July 2007 and subsequently going on to complete the MasterPrac in January 2008.

As many of you may know, I have continued to be involved in Quest and Quest events ever since, (can’t keep away!) including organising some of the peer support evenings in London and also having the pleasure of assisting on the Diploma Course.

I now run The Simmons Practice full-time from my clinic in North West London, where I specialise in working with drug use and addiction, especially smoking cessation, and helping people get free is something I am very passionate about!

I no longer offer ongoing supervision for general practice. However, as someone who specialises in addictions and smoking cessation I am happy to offer ad-hoc, specialist help with particular issues that arise within these areas (with the approval of your supervisor).

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Chloe Cook

Mobile: 07794 595783
Email: chloe@openmindhypnotherapy.co.uk

I graduated with Q16 in April 2006 and completed my HPD a year later in July 2007.  I did my Confident Childbirth training in 2007 as well, and I qualified as a Master Practitioner and Project You Coach in 2012.

I currently work part time and complement running my Cognitive Hypnotherapy practice (seeing clients and supervising) with raising my three young daughters.  I am also assisting on Q33, which I’m finding incredibly rewarding – it feels like I’ve gone full circle in my Quest journey, and I know there is still heaps more to learn.

I consider myself to be an active member of Quest, and I regularly visit the online forums and attend Quest meetings when and where I can – I enjoy having a regular boost of ‘Questie-love’, whether socially or in a more formal learning environment.

I specialise in working with people who are struggling with eating disorders – most of you will probably know my name from the Diploma course.  I am the Specialist Advisor for the NCH in the field of eating disorders, and I am more than willing to offer my personal and professional experience, knowledge and support in this area to anyone who requests it.

I qualified as an Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor in 2012, and my aim within supervision is to share your journey and to work with you to help you develop from being a consciously competent therapist, to an unconsciously excellent therapist.  I offer supervision sessions face to face, via Skype and over the telephone.  I will also be setting up group supervision opportunities throughout the year in the near future as well.

I love all aspects of my job – so much so that I really don’t consider it to be work.  Any spare time that I do get is taken up with writing and taking photos – my other two passions.

As with choosing a therapist, it’s important that you find the supervisor who is right for you.  If you are interesting in finding out more about my approach to supervision, please feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Christalla Papanastasiou

I qualified with Quest in 2012 (Q32) and I’ve have been working as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist for the past 7 years, I qualified as a Master Practitioner in 2013 and an NCH accredited Supervisor in 2019.

I have worked in a variety of industries throughout my life, varying from experience within a creative industry such as fashion design, to being employed within the financial industry, over to running and developing a successful family business.

When I trained with Quest it changed my perspective on life and gave me a different take on life and where my life was going at the time, this in turn enabled me to make the changes in my life and in my career. Understanding and learning about myself has played a major part of me being a therapist and a supervisor.

After I qualified with Quest I was very fortunate to have had excellent supervision and know just how valuable this reflective and non-judgemental support can be.
It has helped me in so many ways to develop and grow on my journey as a cognitive hypnotherapist.

As supervision is highly recommended getting the right supervisor to help you is important to enable you to develop and grow as a therapist personally and to help you grow your business too. I am happy to work 1:1, in groups, via Skype, telephone or in person – whatever supervision is the best that supports you, I am based in North London.

As your supervisor I will endeavour to help you to feel supported and ready for any challenges that may occur along the way and would do my best to help you on your Journey!

Dani Dennington

Tel: 01844 261223
Mobile: 07932 793135
Email: dani@thecroftpractice.co.uk

Hi, If you have read my postings on the forum or maybe on facebook I hope you already have a good idea about the kind of person I am, for any that don’t, here is a little about me and my background.

I was a graphic designer for the BBC in my former existence and trained with Quest in 2006 on Q18, many of the skills I had as a designer have been useful to me as a cognitive hypnotherapist, such as creativity, flexibility and the ability to think out of the box. I have enjoyed assisting on various courses and working as a supervisor fits my desire to help therapists be the best they can be.

Since my earliest days with Quest I have been fortunate to have had excellent supervision and know just how valuable this reflective and non-judgemental support can be; I believe it has helped to develop my skills as a cognitive hypnotherapist as a result, and it is this type of supervision that I will be looking to maintain with those who come to me.

I don’t have a particular specialism, but many of my clients come to me for anxiety related problems and I enjoy working with couples for confident childbirth. The great thing about cognitive hypnotherapy is that we have the tools to work with whatever the client brings, so that it is always a challenge and there is always more to learn.

Whether you choose me because we share a similar outlook on life or because you feel that our differences will help you to approach your work from another perspective. I aim to help you support your client’s, and your own development by helping you to find solutions as you gain in experience, and to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Gill Wood

Tel: 0208 946 2474
Email: gillwood19@gmail.com

I have been a Supervisor since 2012 and a Questie since Q26. Based in Wimbledon, , I run a full-time practice . I put the success of my practice down to passion, enthusiasm, a good website designed and run by Emma (my daughter and fellow Questie), a genuine interest in my clients, hard work which I absolutely love, and total belief and confidence in what I am doing. And of course brilliant training, my natural curiosity and love of learning, and a lot of CPD (including Addiction, Smoking, Weight loss, EMDR training, EFT, childbirth, Parts therapy with Brian Roet, and a Coaching and Neuroscience course at ITS).

I chose not to specialise or ‘niche’ market myself, because I thrive on variety. That said, however, I was the Phobia Specialist for the NCH, became a Slimquest Coach (weightloss) back in the day, and have extensive experience working with women for antenatal, birth and postnatal issues. My real speciality is working with Trauma, using AMDR,  which integrates EMDR protocol with the Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach. A colleague and I developed this approach which I believe is a natural extension to the Master Prac training (for more information on AMDR visit our website at amdr.info).

I have assisted on several diploma courses and two or three Master Pracs, partly because I always learn more that way, but mostly because I love helping people to grow, to learn and to develop their skills and confidence, and reach their potential. I guess there is something of a teacher in me. (I taught NCT antenatal classes for 25 years).  So I love supervision. Over the years I personally have found it an invaluable resource because of the support and guidance it offers with tricky cases, personal/professional issues, ethical challenges and practice building. And that is what I offer my supervisees.

Supervision is bit like coaching, in that we recognise that now you are qualified, you do have the answers inside…you just might need a little help to find them sometimes. So I will never tell you what to do because I already respect you as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in your own right. Instead, supervision sessions provide a safe place to explore your options, discuss techniques, expand and balance your knowledge and skills, calm your fears and build your confidence, and help you to build your practice. Most of my supervisees prefer to work via Zoom or Facetime, but I am happy to work face to face or by phone if you prefer.

Jill Tonks

Mobile: 0786 7557477
Email: jillmtonks@aol.com

Q20, Master Practitioner 2008

I am a full-time Cognitive Hypnotherapist, coach and trainer. I have done the Confident Childbirth training and I am also a Clean Language Facilitator.

I am the NCH Training and Accreditation Officer and am a member of the Executive Committee. I am also a member of the UK Penn Resilience Programme ‘How to Thrive’ team http://www.howtothrive.org.

My approach to supervision focuses on what you do well, it builds on what already works for you and it supports your continuous professional development. I want to ensure you get what you need from our sessions and so we build a safe, open and honest relationship to ensure your specific requirements are met. I’ve benefitted so much from my experience as a supervisee over the years and I’m still learning!! I’m really looking forward to providing this opportunity for others.

My background and experience is from working in the Criminal Justice System for 25 years. I have a broad experience of working with a diverse range of clients.

I am passionate about what I do however and wherever I do it and I also like to have fun as I do it so, be prepared for some northern humour!!

Contact me on jillmtonks@aol.com 0786 7557477 www.jilltonks.com

Joanne Ritchie

Mobile: 07711 704585
Email: info@lifebalancehypnotherapy.co.uk

I proudly received my first HPD in 2009 and then my Quest diploma in cognitive hypnotherapy. I also hold diplomas in, NLP, hypnotherapy and stress management.

My background – I ran my own business for 6 years and earlier worked in various retail corporate environments for over 20 years. Every role I have undertaken has involved people and on reflection the most rewarding role has been to help them move forward, helping them negotiate life’s obstacles and enjoy the process.

My first experience with Quest was a phone call to Bex. I was so excited to find someone who spoke my language. I am passionate about the job I do and look for ways to improve/grow and help myself and others. I know I do this as a non-judgemental and supporting supervisor.

Getting the right supervisor is important to help you to develop and that may or may not be me but supervision is important for growth, be it personal or business, wellbeing or guidance. Really it’s just another part of your journey. We were all new therapists once.

I started my master practitioner in 2011, completed it in 2013. I am based in Yorkshire and it took a few trips down south and I’m doing it again, 2018. I like to keep up to date and developing.

Holding therapy rooms in Bradford and Halifax I can happily say I have a thriving full-time cognitive hypnotherapy business. I am often described as open and friendly and I want to do my best for anyone I work with.

Because of my location, a lot of my supervision sessions are done via Skype, telephone or face time. If you would like to know more about me or how I work please free to get in touch.

Skype joanne.ritchie3. Web site www.lifebalancehypnotherapy.co.uk

Kim Wilson

Mobile: 07590 664669
Email: kim@sunrayhypnotherapy.com

I qualified as a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist as part of Q27 in 2010 and set up in business the same year. I have been working as a cognitive hypnotherapist since then and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have successful practices in Tunbridge Wells and Westerham.

I have continued to be involved in Quest completing my MasterPrac the following year and recently assisting on Q34 diploma course. I am a regular contributor to Perception magazine and continue to develop my own practice with training both inside and outside Quest.

Supervision has been an invaluable part of my development both supporting and challenging me to think about my practice and how I work with clients. I gained so much from supervision both personally and professionally that I decided to train as a supervisor myself. I am passionate about supervision and the role it can play in enabling you to build a successful and sustainable career.

I offer 1-2-1 session via skype or phone and also offer face to face group supervision in either Tunbridge Wells or Westerham.

Contact me on 07590 664669 or kim@sunrayhypnotherapy.com

Melanie Phillips

Mobile: 07956 369461
Email: info@LothianTherapy.com

I trained on Q27 and then did the Master Practitioner Course soon after, I then redid the Master Practitioner Course 7 years later and also worked as an Assistant on Q40.  I am a trainer in EFT and have trained in EMI. As you may have gathered I strongly believe in continuing professional development.

I originally started my therapy business in north London on a part-time basis as I was still working full time within the NHS.  Then after a couple of years I moved to Dunbar in Scotland and restarted my business from scratch, plus I went full time.  So I appreciate how hard it is to start up a new business as I have now done this twice.

My business is run from two locations, my home therapy room and also from a room in a centre one day a week.  So again I can help you work out which is best for you, home working, outside room or like me a combination of both.

I believe passionately in supporting other therapists and I will help you to grow as a therapist and also to grow and develop your business.  Because this is a business, so many therapists don’t treat it as such and sadly go out of business.  It is about finding the balance that works for you.

You can find out more about me at my website, www.LothianTherapy.com please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat. Supervision sessions tend to be via Skype, Zoom or phone.

Whoever you choose I wish you well for the future.

Nikki Parsons

Mobile: 07859 922044
Email: nikkiparsons54@gmail.com

I currently work part time as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist combining it with voluntary work in a Women’s Centre, empowering and supporting vulnerable women, many who have suffered domestic abuse. After qualifying with Quest I completed the Master Practitioner training and have attended many other training courses including Hugh Osbornes Addiction workshop, Confident Childbirth, Cathy Simmons stop smoking workshop, Brian Roet’s Integrated Parts Therapy and many more. My background is in teaching and for 9 years I was Deputy Head of a Primary Special School. As part of this role I mentored Newly Qualified Teachers as well as providing Supervision to the teaching staff.

I have a Counselling Diploma and an advanced level 3 qualification in EFT. I have recently qualified as an accredited Supervisor which was a natural progression for me. I assisted on Q38 and enjoyed helping the students immensely.

I have gained an enormous amount from my own personal supervision and believe supervision to be so important in therapy practice. I will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your practice, helping you to find solutions to enable you to be the best therapist you can be whilst delivering the best service to your clients. I am flexible in my approach but will always be supportive and non-judgemental, helping you to develop and grow. I can also support and guide you in building your business .

I live in Bognor Regis so my sessions will be mostly by Skype, although I’m more than happy to do face to face sessions if distance isn’t an issue. Im also keen to do group supervision by Skype or face to face as I believe the learning opportunities in group supervision are invaluable.

If you would like to have a chat with me to discuss how I can support you and learn more about my approach, please get in touch.

Russell Davis

Mobile: 07806 949249
Website: https://www.russell-davis.com/

I established my practice very soon after qualifying from the diploma in July 2008. I then went on to complete the Master Prac in January 2009 and since then have enjoyed my continued professional development within and outside of Quest.

Prior to my career change and becoming a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I spent 17 years working in a number of business change roles at British Airways.

As well as having a general practice I also specialise in fertility, both selling products and seeing clients. I work with clients locally as well as all over the world via Zoom. I also work with businesses helping them maximise the potential of individuals and teams.

With my practice being the family’s only source of income I very much treat it as a business and looking back I can see how supervision has played a key role in my professional and practice development.

I treat supervision as total professional development so provide coaching and business development support as part of supervision. When I first started my corporate career, I found immense value in having a mentor. Someone who’s walked the walk who I could learn and grow from. I see supervision as the same.

Feel free to contact me for a conversation to see whether I can support you on your journey to creating the practice you want. I work with supervisees all over the country (and world!) via Zoom and face-to-face for those lucky enough to be in Cornwall!

Suzette Shahmoon

Mobile: 07809 629 659
Email: suzette@suzetteshahmoon.com

My Quest training made a huge difference to my life. It opened my eyes to people differences and helped me to focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses. This has become a major part of my practice as a cognitive hypnotherapist and as a supervisor.

I trained on Q29 and have been practicing out of rooms in Belsize Park, just around the corner to Regents college, ever since. I have a keen interest in working with self esteem, anxiety and depression and work with both adults and children.

I find supervision invaluable and an essential part of my practice. It is a place where I can openly discuss the various elements of my practice and I find it is still helping me to develop. This is probably why I trained as a supervisor because even as a supervisor I still manage to gain new perspectives by working with other therapists.

I tend to work mainly on a one to one basis but am happy to run group supervision sessions in London and offer one off sessions to anyone who would like to discuss working with children.

I am happy to work over the phone or face to face. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.