Trevor Silvester​

Founder of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy

How I went from Police Sergeant to Therapist

I spent 18 years in the police wondering why so many people were stuck in lives that punish them. It came as a shock to realise I was no less stuck. Like them, I seemed incapable of escaping from a life that really didn’t suit me. I began to find answers when I was trained in counselling at Hendon Police College and found even more when I discovered NLP and Hypnotherapy. That awakening lead me to realise that we are all fellow strugglers, and has inspired me for over 25 years now to find the best ways of helping people create the lives they truly want to live, and to teach what I’ve learned and created along the way.

My Perspective

I don’t come from a classical psychological background. I think my police experience gave me a perspective on human nature which is rare in our community. I’ve mainly avoided mainstream education as a means of learning about people because I find it too dogmatic and constrained. I’m a pragmatist. I’m interested in what works and how to make it work better. I believe that nothing is true, and that the profession of therapy should be in a state of permanent revolution until we have something that works for everyone for everything, every time. Until then we need to search humbly.

My Purpose

This is important work because people are suffering unnecessarily and our culture doesn’t help us in learning how to live well. I want to help people awaken to the power we all have to create our life in the form that fits us.

We are all the result of the meaning we give our formative experiences. I felt I was born into a family that I didn’t belong to, that didn’t understand me or have a clue about how to help me find my way. I left childhood feeling I was unlovable, not good enough and my intelligence was something to hide rather than enjoy. This led into a series of unsuccessful relationships which perpetuated every negative thing I felt about myself – and the pursuit of a career to please other people. What I’ve learned through the journey I’ve been on makes that person I’ve just described unrecognisable to me. I love my life and enjoy being me. I want that for everybody.

About the QCHPA

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association is for QCH Professionals who have graduated from The Quest Institute. QCHPA members are part of a support network that loves to give, grow and work towards excellence. Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapists are able to deliver therapy to clients with confidence and with the support of the evidence of its effectiveness.

About The Quest Institute

Quest was founded in 2000 and provides cutting-edge training in this ever-evolving approach. It’s classes are held in Regents University in London, and provides an unparalleled level of support and learning materials. Learn from the founder of this exciting method.

71% of QCH Clients reported themselves improved compared with only 42% of other Talk Therapy Clients, including CBT. – Mental Health Review Journal September 2015.

Create Your Life, Your Way

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A growing, thought-provoking place to help you create your life, your way

Trevor's Books

How to Click! How to Date and Love with Confidence

In How to Click he teaches you how to build on your confidence, relax, and be yourself on dates. By building on simple steps, you will learn how to be more confident, and read the non-verbal signs to find love.

Going on a date? Hijacked by a nervous version of yourself? Trevor Silvester shows you how to avoid pitfalls like these and reveals exercised to help you maximise the ‘click’ factor.

With his quick and easy guide to recognising psychological types, Trevor shows you how to become a dating Jedi!

The book also contains exclusive free audio downloads to help you go through the door to meet your date brimming with confidence and likeability.

Grow! Personal Development for Kids

Grow! is a distillation of over 20 years of experience as a therapist applied to the task of raising happy children.

Trevor identifies two ways of being in the world; we’re either in a state of growth or a state of protection, and he argues that our interpretation of childhood events, and modern culture, often needlessly trigger us into a state of protection, leaving us anxious, fearful and unwilling to live life fully. Grow! Describes strategies for keeping us, parents and children, in a state of growth.

He shows how parents can overcome their limitations, so they don’t pass them onto their children, and how best to guide the young toward becoming strong, resilient and fulfilled adults.

To assist in making these new ideas habitual in the shortest space of time, Trevor has also created a series of free downloads for you to listen to, using principles of unconscious influence that have been proven to work.

Love Birds! How to Live with the One You Love

‘One of the biggest mistakes we make,’ Trevor Silvester says, ‘is to treat other people as if they are just like us. I’ve been helping couples improve their lives together for over 20 years, and one thing is clear to me: most couples don’t flounder through lack of love but through a lack of understanding.

‘LOVEBIRDS’ includes a multiple choice test so that readers can discover which Love Birds they – and their partners – belong to. You’ll find a description of each type – what makes them tick, their likes and dislikes, how they tend to behave, their body language, what they tend to look like, the line of work and hobbies they are likely to choose, their hopes and fears. In this section you can read about yourself – and your partner. The final section looks at all the different possible combinations between the types, showing how misunderstandings can arise and giving advice on how to keep love between the different types of birds going and growing.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy: What's That About and How Can I Use It?: Two Simple Questions for Change

Written by Trevor Silvester, the Editor of Hypnotherapy Journal for 9 years and Director of the Quest institute, this new book defines an exciting new approach to the field of therapy and counselling. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a model that can be used to create a unique treatment plan for each client, using techniques drawn from any school of thought, integrated into a single model that uses the clients own mind to solve their own problems. The book describes a theory of mind that explains why we do the things that limit our lives, and why we can take control and change ourselves. It then explains how by weaving a comprehensive selection of interventions into a creative model that assists therapists in making the most appropriate choices, all of which make it essential reading for anyone working in this field. The key readership is likely to be practising hypnotherapists, counsellors and psychotherapists, although anybody interested in the field will find this a fascinating read.

The Question is the Answer: Focusing on Solutions with Cognitive Hypnotherapy(Wordweaving 2)

In this book, ‘The Question is the Answer’, the framework of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is described in detail, taking you from the first session with a client all the way through to a successful conclusion. It teaches you questions that lead you to the heart of both the client’s problem and solution, and shows you how to use the answers to create compelling suggestions and guide your choice of intervention.

Wordweaving: The Science of Suggestion - A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Hypnotic Language

The first of a trilogy of books by the author which outlines the methodology of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, this text presents a new approach to the creation and use of hypnotic suggestion.

For years, hypnotherapists have used scripts which are aimed at a particular problem, like smoking or weight loss, rather than aiming at the client who smokes or has weight issues. Trevor Silvester suggests that it is not the problem that is the problem; it’s the client’s unique relationship with the problem that’s the problem. The book aims to free you from the constraints of scripts and enable you to use your creative skill to weave subtle spells that empower your clients by changing their model of reality. It presents the science behind suggestion, and the means of using that science to create magical ways of influencing others. Using research from neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and NLP, Silvester covers such topics as: how past learning guides us now, and how misinterpretation of our childhood experiences can shape our present; how much of our behaviour is unconscious and often not in our direct control; the matrix model of behaviour that can accurately map the process of a problem; and how our neurological levels organize our version of reality.

“Wordweaving” takes this knowledge and integrates it into a modern understanding of hypnosis to form a step-by-step method for learning powerful hypnotic language. The “Wordweaving” system teaches you how to: aim suggestions specifically at the key points of the client’s problem; resolve problems by using the natural trance states we experience while “doing” the problem; and linguistically frame the suggestion using the elegant and subtle language patterns from NLP to give it maximum impact.