Questival 2018 with Maria Sirois – CPD Event London

What the audience said…

Well, what can I say, Questival didn’t disappoint, Maria’s teachings were mind blowing as I had to tell her before I left, it has given me new awareness and insight into all aspects of my work and home life, now I feel I can approach things in a way that will benefit everyone, Quest just keeps on giving, to all who are thinking of going on this journey I would say take it with both hands and savour all Quest has to offer because everything is possible in this world, just believe, Q40, I would recommend the Master Pract, I have learnt things I have never thought possible and have changed my life for the better, if I can do it anyone can go for it and enjoy, you will never regret it, lots of love and thanks to Trevor Bex an Jan for organising this and to Maria for being with us to teach us with your unique approach including the fun and laughter, surrounded by amazing people at different stages of their amazing journey xx

Sian Quipp Said...

Hearing Maria Sirois at Questival had a real impact on me. I wrote a blog on some of the learning I took from her.

Such an amazing day! Today’s conference more than lived up to expectations, Maria Sirois was a wonderful speaker, so full of humour, compassion and honesty! Matched all my values Inc learning as she spoke about “The Role of Paradox in Elevating Positivity and Health.

Thank you Team Q for an awesome day. Trevor you were asking how you could follow it next year – I’m thinking part 2 – so much more to cover. Loved it big time! X

The whole day was amazing. I loved Maria and was enraptured by her words. Thanks for arranging this Quest Gang! Xxx

It was absolutely amazing. I spent most of the day saying how much I love Maria and dammit I’ll say it again! What a woman, what an inspiration. Her teaching was so valuable!

Such a fabulous day yesterday. I am feeling so grateful for this community and the positive psychology one that I share with Maria Sirois and Suzie Moon. Feeling all the feels of two of my worlds coming together to bring forth whole-hearted, whole-souled, and whole-minded positive change.

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