How Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Help With Pain Management

Pain Management

The subject of pain is fascinating. Did you know we don’t experience pain in our body, it all happens in the brain? If I stamp on your toe you feel it there because your brain projects the feeling of pain to that area in order to get you to take action. This is exciting, because if pain is a ‘projection’ from brain to body, it means it isn’t ‘real’, it just feels that way. Trance is a wonderful, powerful way of adjusting our reality, and hypnosis has a long and well-evidenced capacity for helping people reduce or even eliminate pain. Whether you want to be able to reduce a short-term exposure, like the dentist, an injection or an injury, or a long-term condition like arthritis or rheumatism, we have tools that can help, allied to the latest research in the way the brain and body create our awareness of pain and response to injury or illness.

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