How Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Help With Pain Management

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Pain Management

Let’s start by saying that all pain is real. You’re clearly not imagining your pain if you feel it, so how can we help?

All pain has emotional and physical components. The brain has a key part to play in both the physical and emotional parts. 

If I stamp on your toe, small alarms about a possible threat is sent to the brain. This happens super-fast and you won’t be feeling pain at this point. The brain then decides what to do with the alarm based on things it might’ve picked up in the past – past perceptions of what this might mean from past experiences, beliefs, your expectations or anticipation, things seen in the media, other people’s reactions and much more. Based on these past perceptions the brain then decides to either amplify the alarm in which case you feel acute pain (short-term), or mute it so you feel fine. Add emotions like anxiety or anger to the mix and the alarm can amplify even more.

Persistent or chronic pain (longer than 3 months), can be more complex but the same process is involved. Perceptions from the past in these cases can keep the brain continuing to amplify the alarm, long after there is a need for it – keeping a person stuck.

Trance is a wonderful, powerful way to uncover those unhelpful or out-of-date perceptions and hypnosis has a long and well-evidenced capacity for helping people manage, reduce or even eliminate pain. 

Whether you want to be able to reduce acute pain (short-term pain), like the dentist, an injection or an injury, or something more persistent (long-term condition), like arthritis or fibromyalgia, we have tools that can help, allied to the latest research in the way the brain and body create our awareness of pain and response to injury or illness.

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