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Get to Know Sheren Gaulbert

Interviewed by Tina Shaw

Summer 2016

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About Sheren Gaulbert

Sheren Gaulbert is a chronic pain relief specialist, a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), and the Pain Education Group. She was diagnosed with a combination of chronic pain conditions in 1999. With frequent episodes of fainting as the pain worsened, and mobility affected, she stopped working altogether.

10 years on from unsuccessfully trialling different treatments, she stumbled across self-hypnosis. Scepticism turned to astonishment, as she experienced more and more time free from pain. Her search to find out why it was working and how she could help others, led her to The Quest Institute and Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

She went on to train with other Institutes for a further grounding in pain neurophysiology, and to understand best practice models from current, up-to-date pain sciences.

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Sheren’s 10 week BREAK THROUGH PAIN PROGRAMME helps people build solid foundations to gain back control, and create a personal blueprint for long-term relief.

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