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Do you feel you have more to give? Is there some unknown force holding you back? Project You Life Coaching is more than just coaching, it’s whatever you need it to be to succeed. Watch the videos and read the related articles below to find out more.

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Project You Life Coaching

Whether it’s in our relationships, in business, or in life itself, most of us at some point come to a grinding halt. Why is a big question, and certainly a lot of factors can come into it, but we believe that a big one is that we don’t know enough about ourselves. We’re ignorant of the unconscious factors that guide our life down blind alleys or seem to block the direction we think we want to go.

Many of us live with a feeling that we’re not living the life we could or that the choices we’ve made are wrong, but we can’t find a way out of the consequences of them. If that fits your situation then Project You may be for you.

In our opinion most life coaching is based on setting goals and motivating people to achieve them, which is a worthy aim, but if our unconscious doesn’t think the direction we’re steering is a good idea then the chances are it’ll put a spanner in the works. The way it usually does this is to reduce our motivation or increase our anxiety. If something unconsciously driven, like a fear of failure, is part of the reason why you’re not fulfilling your potential, then dealing with that sounds a sensible thing to address within our work together.

So Project You Coaching is a model that has no limits on the techniques it can employ to help you get what you came for. It can be used to help you achieve a goal you have in mind, but it’s intended to do a lot more; it’s intended to give you the means of taking control of the way you live your life.

This doesn’t involve anything weird or fluffy, it’s based on solid research that shows how people can improve their sense of contentment and happiness and maximise the things they have going for them in the most productive way. In short, it’s about you finding flow.

So what is Flow?

Flow is the sense of effortless action we feel in moments that we see as the best in our lives. Have you had one of those moments where you’re completely lost in something you’re doing? Time seems to stop, everything seems effortless, and life feels right? That’s what we call a flow state. Sports coaches try to help their athletes achieve them during competition – and you know when you’re watching an athlete who’s in ‘the zone’.

If you could live your life in flow, what wouldn’t be possible? Think about that. If your life could be full of those moments, is there a goal that you couldn’t achieve, a change you couldn’t make?

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