How Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Help With Anxiety and Depression

There really is no one-size-fits-all approach to eating disorders. Our therapists will work to recognise your unique situation, to uncover what lies at the heart of the issue for you as an individual. If you’re committed to change, the right Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist for you could help turn your life around.

So, if your relationship to food is a source of misery or anxiety, watch the video below and explore some of our articles in the My Quest Hub to find out more.

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Our Approach to Eating Disorders

Most approaches are centred around food, dealing with the associated behaviours such as restricting your diet, counting calories, exercising. We believe that real help lies within the relationship you have with yourself, your beliefs and your identity. If we can change your relationship to yourself, then your relationship to food will change too. We’re not promising that it will be easy, just possible. Our therapists will work with you to create a safe environment, where change is possible at a pace that suits you.

So if you have an eating disorder or other anxieties around food, have a chat with some of our therapists and find the person you feel most comfortable with because they could help you to change your life.

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