How Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Help With Confident Childbirth

We’re very proud that one of our graduates has become a leading name in this area. Jane Hodgkin developed a specialist training for Quest graduates, based on Cognitive Hypnotherapy principles, that she called CONFIDENT CHILDBIRTH. It offers a friendly and effective approach to labour and delivery using coaching, hypnosis and imagery to give mothers (and their partners) calm and control before, during and after birth. Search in our Therapist finder for someone trained in this method.

Confident Childbirth

Confident Childbirth practitioners will ask you about your personal worries and concerns, and then help you overcome them and build the mindset and skills that can give you the birth that YOU want. NOT somebody else’s idea of ‘the perfect birth’!

Get help and support dealing with the negative stories you may be subjected to. Learn how to communicate your needs and wants with the wide range of medical professionals you’ll be dealing with. Be confident that you have the skills to help you manage any unexpected occurrences. Know you are not alone in worrying about becoming a parent and learn to equip yourself in advance. See beyond the birth to a positive future with your child, and know that sense of purpose can support the enjoyment of the birthing process.

Look for a Confident Childbirth Practitioner on our Therapist Finder today.

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