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Lovebirds Relationship Coaching

Living with the one you love isn’t always easy. It might be true that opposites attract, but then they so often seem to drive each other mad. It’s often because the real differences that make a difference are largely invisible until they’re pointed out, and until they are we assume that everyone is like us in the way they see the world. They’re not. There are fundamental differences between us that profoundly affect the way we see the world, and act within it. Everyone has good reasons for doing the things they do. They’re just not your reasons. When you get that, the behaviour you find so annoying in your partner can suddenly make sense. Even better, the very things that drive you mad about them, can actually become things that make you stronger. And it works both ways. They almost certainly find you annoying or baffling sometimes too.

If you’re struggling in your relationship, a Lovebirds coach can help you understand yourself and each other in a new way, giving you insights that can literally transform the way you communicate and interact within your relationship. To realise that each of us has a way we know we’re loved, and that your way is likely to be different to your partner’s, helps you see why both partners can be doing their best to show their love, and yet both feel that they’re not. The secret is not to do to them as you would like done to you, but find out what they would like done, and do that instead. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? So much of what it takes to make your relationship is, once you’re shown it.

Lovebirds coaching derives from Trevor Silvester’s book of the same name. It divides people into sixteen different types and outlines their unique ways of being and acting. It describes the way that each type is likely to interact with every other type – and how to do so successfully. By understanding these differences you remove the obstacles to intimacy and make what divided you a source of strength.

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