How Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Help With Addiction

Are you struggling with addiction? People can be addicted to a wide range of things, the obvious addictions that spring to mind but also the less obvious. It doesn’t matter what it is you are addicted to, our QCHPA therapists will be happy to chat with you and discuss the possibility of you working together. Watch the videos and read the related articles below to find out more.

Stopping Smoking… Drinking… Drugs… Addictions of any kind!

I think Cathy Simmons sums up our approach to addiction best in her article ‘Real Hope for Smokers’ because we recognise that everyone is different.

“You won’t get a formula, a set of scripts that are read out in order. You won’t get set of ‘techniques’ that claim to work for everyone every time. Instead we work together as two unique human beings, to craft the result that you are searching for, working from a solid foundation.” Cathy Simmons.

It’s important that you find the right therapist for you and that you recognise that the responsibility for a successful outcome lies with you, as much as the therapist. Each of our therapists’ is as unique as you are (although they follow the principles of Quest Cogntive Hypnotheray), so your therapist may have requirements such as working alongside your GP or you being free from the whatever you are addicted to for 24 hours before your work together. Help is possible with the right commitment from you.

If you need help get in touch with one of our therapists today.

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