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By Nadine Green

August 2020

This is the tale of two parts. Have you ever felt a part of you is stopping you from moving forward while another part of you just wants to get on with it?  This was me.

I had been really busy procrastinating for a while, with the added hindrance of low self-esteem and lack of confidence, I found it really hard to move forward. I would say to myself “Right, today I’m going to do some posts on Facebook and work on marketing.” When it came to it, however, I always seemed to decide that it would be a good idea for me to go and have a cup of tea and think about what I would write. After that it would be “Ah well, I just need to watch that programme that I missed the other night”.  And so it went on.

One day I’d had enough, and decided to do something about it. I had some therapy. Now I was sitting in the other chair I found myself doubting the results in the same way clients with my issues often do – it wasn’t what I’d expected, and doubted it was working. But I began noticing subtle changes. I was doing more, my attitude was changing, I was beginning to gain more confidence, AND I had a different mindset.

I started looking and asking myself questions as to why I couldn’t move forward, and do you know what the answer was? It was all my subconscious knew as a means of helping me.  My subconscious was trying to protect me, but by doing so, it was holding me back. With help, I discovered my conscious and subconscious wanted the same positive things for me and we managed to find a way for them to work together.

With several of our Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques, I am now able to get my conscious and subconscious working together so that I can move forward, push myself more without feeling that fear of… “what if?”  So, now I can get out there and get out of my own way, because I know I am a good therapist. I’ve had good results with my clients, and it’s only been my own negative internal dialogue that has stopped me.

Do you know what makes a good therapist? It’s this understanding that we’re all fellow strugglers. It means I can empathise with my clients’ challenges, while at the same time believe they can change, because I have.

I have found this to be a roller coaster of emotions, lots of highs and lows but what I am learning and will continue to take on board, is that you get out of life what you put into it.

My advice to anyone that is struggling is to get the help you need.  We have a choice… continue as we are, always thinking “if only” or we take action.

Be positive. Do a little bit of something every day so you can make that difference to the life that you want for yourself, as I am doing now.

I intend to achieve everything I set out to do so that I can look back and say I did it my way, THIS IS ME. And you can do it as well.