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Covid 19 – This too will pass

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We’ve added this section to reach out to all of you and help in whatever way we can. The internet is of course full of videos, clips, memes, stories and news items. Here we hope to give you things to help you through this that connect with our core philosophy:

  1. It’s not what happens to us but what we make of it
  2. There is always opportunity in any challenge
  3. Your mind can influence the health of your body

Along the way maybe we can make you smile, hopefully we can make you think, definitely we can help you stay calmer and more resilient. Because another thing we believe is that we all have what we need inside of us to face any challenge that comes along. And that we’re stronger together.

Remember, one day this will be over and it’ll be a story we tell. Be the character in the story you’d be most proud of.

Stay safe.