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Hazel Gale

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Get to know Hazel Gale

Interviewed by Lee Payton

Spring 2018

About Hazel Gale

Hazel Gale is a cognitive hypnotherapist, author, former world champion kickboxer and national champion in ABA boxing.

She discovered hypnotherapy while training for her first world title in full-contact kickboxing. The stress of competition and weight-making caused her to burn out, and the years of chronic fatigue that followed were devastating. After trying every medical avenue she could find, cognitive hypnotherapy was the only thing that made a considerable difference to her health. She trained up as a practitioner as soon as she was able, and has not looked back since.

Fight: Win Freedom From Self-sabotage

Her first book, Fight, was published in 2018 by Hodder & Stoughton and also by the French publisher Esprit D’Ouverture. It explores the psychology of self-sabotage and how to take control.