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Alison Knowles

Summer 2015

I bought myself a Meccano set for the Hut!

Why? To empower people to deal with their unwanted or limiting beliefs. Imagine if you will a triangle standing up made of Meccano, so three upright bits and three round the bottom bits – a good strong structure – I use my little Meccano spanner to tighten the bolts.

Why? Because I wanted to create a belief system. Something strong robust and firm. Now if I loosen one of the little nuts at the base and maybe one from the upright joining it – it is not so strong, in fact it’s struggling to stand up right now! How cool! Here’s the thing – if you believe something to be true, you build a Meccano triangle in your head with the little nuts good and tight – In the hut I loosen the nuts here and there and your belief triangle begins to wobble – in fact it kind of changes shape.

Here’s an example – a lady came with an absolute debilitating phobia of cows. I build her cow fear triangle from my Meccano then ask…

“All cows even the cute one on the cheese adverts that smiles at you?” Answer… “Well no of course not…” One bolt loosens.

“What about the little ones with big dreamy eyes?” Answer… “Well no….” Another bolt loosens. Her belief of ‘I am afraid of all cows’ is now wobbling…..

“What about the calf’s with soft coats and big eyes?” Answer… “Well no they are cute….”

Using the Meccano we watched her belief wobble – it’s not long before it’s so unstable that she realizes that it’s actually – ‘only the big red ones with horns – the rest are ok, and that they have to be out on the road and it has to be raining and…..’

Keep loosening the bolts and you realize that ‘actually it was just that one big red cow that was as big as a bus!!! – When she was three….. And it walked up to her curiously …… as cows do…..’

So then we can rebuild your belief system.

“So most cows are actually ok?” Answer … “Well yes…”

“It’s just red ones the size of a house you are concerned about?” Laughing … “Well yes I guess…”

Now it is strong again but the belief is not a fear of all cows – but just that one cow she saw when she was three, and as she can’t be three again and no cow can never be as big again… we can tighten another bolt… We can re-file that as – I was frightened by a cow once when I was three but I was only little then.

“So you are never going to be able to feel that emotion “like” that again because you can’t be three again, or that little…” I asked.

So what was the fear really about? It was not the cow, it was you being little and it being so big at the time – I guess a horse could have made you feel the same – at the time … So was the fear of a cow or you being so little then…Your sub conscious felt your discomfort at the age of three and blamed the cow!!! When really it was about you being little and feeling in danger.

Belief triangle I am terrified of all cows collapses!!!

I let her keep the fear of red cows the size of a house with horns because to be honest if ever she saw such a thing I would want her to be wary!!!