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A Poem: It’s OK to be Me

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It’s OK to Be Me, The Journey from ILOC to ELOC by Gill Wood

Winter 2016

If you don’t like yourself and think others are better, or you put their needs first, ‘cos you don’t think you matter,
If you don’t use your voice to express yourself clear, because you feel small, or your mindset is fear.
If you’re constantly worried about what people think, or stuck in the past, or addicted to drink,
If you’re expecting the worst and so full of dread, that you can’t even think straight, cos you’re trapped in your head.

If you forget you have strengths and resources to cope, with life’s ups and downs, or you lose any hope,
If you blame other people, though it’s partly your fault, if you do things from duty because you should or you ought.
Then you will be unhappy, disconnected, unwell, because being out of control is like some kind of hell.
And all this is ELOC, External Locus of Control, which means you lose touch with your Self or your Soul.

By giving power to others, through fear or old stuff, like shame, guilt, or hurt, feeling not good enough.
You make yourself miserable, unable to grow, and lock up your potential, your life cannot flow.
So it’s time for a change, to take back your own Self, and return to a good state of balance and health.
Let go of your fear as you look deep inside, rediscover your strengths, which you’ve managed to hide.

Turn ELOC to ILOC – Internal Locus of Control, and accept your uniqueness so you can be whole.
It may take some time and you may need support, but you’ll soon feel much stronger, and forget what you “ought”.
The truth is YOU matter and YOUR needs must be met, to make you content, with a positive mindset.
It’s time to accept yourself, the bad and the good, and say no when you need to, instead of yes “cos I should”.

When your choices are based on a sense of self-worth, only then you can honour your life and your birth.
We have all the answers inside, without doubt, we just need to listen, to find them all out.
So decide what’s not OK, or is OK for you, be clear what you’re choosing or not choosing to do,
Use your voice to express what you want or you need, and put out good boundaries in the life that you lead.

Take responsibility for your actions and let go of blame, respect other people, perhaps they’ll do the same.
Be kind and compassionate, honest and free, and learn to say confidently “It’s OK to be ME”.
This is ILOC, not ELOC, it will change your whole life, turn your problems to purpose, put an end to your strife.
You will soon feel empowered, just content to be YOU, which brings with it freedom… to live, be and do.

ILOC is alchemy, it turns lead into gold, and when you really understand it, then you’re in control.
Because it isn’t what happens, that matters, in fact, but what we make of what happens, and then, how we act.
That makes all the difference, it quietens your fears, and connects you to resources you’ve built through the years.
So acknowledge those strengths, then work out what to do, the simple truth is, that the power lies with You.

Imagine looking back at the end of your days, smiling and happy, when you think of that phrase,
Glad you found ILOC, Internal Locus of Control, on your own, unique journey towards You, being Whole.
What else did you do to make your life worth living? what fun, love and laughter, what receiving and giving?
How much more did you learn, and what new things explore, when the ILOC door opened, and you grew so much more?

You are King of your thinking, and Queen of your world, so rule both with wisdom, stretch your wings and uncurl,
Let your heart safely guide you, learn to manage your mind, as you reach for potential and embrace all you find.