Menopause Awareness Month

Pat Duckworth is a Women’s Wellbeing and Workplace Menopause Strategist, Author and International Public Speaker. After over 30 years working in the public sector at a Senior Management Level, Pat retrained with The Quest Institute as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist. She is passionate about how it can help people with a range of issues including the […]

Gambling Your Life Away: How to Overcome Issues with Excessive Gambling

Paul Hradek is a QCH-qualified therapist and coach.  He works with Origami Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Consultancy Services, both online and in person (Berkshire, UK).  Paul works with a wide range of issues and particularly enjoys working with clients experiencing low confidence, issues with procrastination and fear of presenting.  Having overcome past issues with gambling, […]

Looking After Yourself When Your Child Is Struggling – Self-Care for Parents

Sarah Roberts is a QCH therapist, an AMDR practitioner and Autoimmune Protocol certified coach. Sarah supports parents and carers who, like herself, are caring for children and young people with medical conditions and other needs. If you’d like to know more, please visit or email sarah@sarahroberts.ukSarah works with clients one to one and offers […]

Refugee Week

Refugee Week 2023 is 19–25 June and the theme is Compassion “Do you see me?” – Reflections on working with refugees Upon qualification as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I contemplated the journey ahead with healthy apprehension, excitement and the sense of endless possibilities.   This is in stark comparison to people arriving in the UK as refugees, […]

The Benefits of Volunteering

Sal Gordon is a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist. She works both online and in person, and can be contacted at Sal has had a long career in the aviation industry before retraining with The Quest Institute and during the pandemic became a manager in the volunteer sector, so has first-hand experience. It’s Volunteers’ Week from […]

World Laughter Day – 7th May

World Laughter Day – 7th May Celebrating the benefits of a good laugh This Sunday 7th May is World Laughter Day. Celebrated on the first Sunday of May it was an idea introduced by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the Laughter Yoga movement. We all know it’s good for us to laugh, but do we […]

Screen-Free Week, 1st – 7th May 2023

If you intend to go screen-free during this week, well-done to you! It’s no mean task and deserves to be celebrated with a big hi-five! I say this because we all know by now how addictive screens can be and research verifies how the constant dopamine release from watching screens can make us a slave […]

Therapy and Autoimmune Disease

Sarah Roberts is a QCH therapist, an Autoimmune Protocol certified coach and an AMDR practitioner. Due to her own experience recovering from rheumatoid arthritis, Sarah specialises in working with adults with autoimmune conditions and other health challenges, using safe, evidence-based approaches to help them find ways to feel better and live well. She also supports […]

University Mental Health Day

University Mental Health Day – Thursday 9th March 2023 University life is an exciting time and yet it can also be incredibly stressful. From the pressure to succeed academically to the stress of making new friends and adjusting to a new environment, mental health is an increasing priority for universities. As a university lecturer, I […]

Time to Talk February 2023

Nazihah is a Quest trained therapist, working for Grow Therapeutic Coaching, She works with young people aged 11 to 18 in schools, as well as seeing private clients of all ages, During her psychology degree Nazihah discovered just how much unmet need there is for those suffering with mental health disorders. Consequently after graduating, she […]