Questival 2024


Questival is a one day annual event, hosted by QCHPA (Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapists Practitioners Association).

Each year we invite speakers at the forefront of groundbreaking research around how the mind works, therapeutic models, neuroscience and psychology, to offer inspiring insights into their work and lives.

Location: Regent’s University London, Herringham Hall, Inner Circle, London NW1 4NS

Date: Saturday 14th September 2024
Registration: 9:00am
Start: 9:30am
End: 5:00pm

Speakers and topics for the day:

Hazel Gale: Beyond the Hero

Archetypal journeys for health, wellness and wisdom with Hazel Gale — former athlete, turned cognitive hypnotherapist, author, and creator of the fantasy mental health game Betwixt.

Archetype : A recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology.

Looking beyond the famous/infamous Hero’s Journey, in this talk, we’ll explore the six archetypal character arcs that map onto the archetypal human life.

Corresponding to Erikson’s stages of human development and Joseph Campbell’s stages of heroic transformation in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, these journeys of transformation activate a kind of primal wisdom in anyone who engages with them, making them powerful tools for therapeutic work and self-development alike.

Here’s the kicker:

Each of these six characters is alive within the psyche (yours and mine) already. The version of them that are awake, however, depends on the work that we’ve done.

  • With awareness, we can integrate the individual archetypes so they will serve as sage guides for our own journeys through life.
  • Without awareness, however, we may find ourselves ‘possessed’ not by the guides, but by the dark and destructive shadow versions of these symbols.

Join Hazel for an epic journey through life’s core mysteries, archetypal antagonists, and empowering truths so you can shake off the shadows and access your archetypal (best) self.

Alex Duckworth: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Alex Duckworth is not just the son of Quest legend Pat Duckworth, but also a qualified Mental Health Nurse, working in frontline NHS services for 18 years, with some specialisation in Health and Social Care Research and Applied Mental Health Law. Alex is currently a Senior DBT Therapist and Team Leader in the North Central London DBT service, working with teens and families from Camden, Islington, Barnet, Harringay and Enfield.

DBT has been spoken of well by several Questies, and we felt it time to learn more about what it can offer. Alex will be giving a therapist-eye-view of the design and content of the Comprehensive DBT model as applied in community CAMHS treatment alongside an account of his personal and professional journey through learning and applying the DBT model to himself and his adolescent client group.

It promises a fascinating insight into a modality adopted widely within the mainstream.

Shauna Quigley: The Clearing Method

Shauna Quigley is the Creator of the Clearing Method, an approach to healing that works somatically at the root of a person’s issues. She says, “The solution to healing is working with the pain in the body. The problem is getting the mind to allow access to that pain.”

In this talk Shauna will be discussing ‘Primary & Secondary Pain’, the difference between both and what each of those means for a clients therapeutic process as well as the therapists scope of work. 

Shauna lives in Northern Ireland, so will be presenting via Zoom.

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