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The Spin Cycle of Everyday Life Maria Richards | 6 minutes The spin-cycle of everyday life… Have you ever experienced going on holiday, where you arrive at your destination and as you exit that plane, train or automobile, you're engulfed by a change from our own seasonal weather conditions, less familiar sights or sounds and those smells that greet us? How our senses tingle with the awareness of our new external environment? A place where we give ourselves permission to let go of our concerns and worries, which as we do, we also recognise internally that it's time for relaxation, enjoyment or maybe to get excited about a new adventure. It may take a few days to settle and to shed the stressors of the life we've left at home. The pace may slow down or become more exhilarating, but ultimately we end that holiday more refreshed, relaxed - our batteries topped up ready to re-join our daily lives. Depending on where we've been we sometimes experience jet-lag and a real culture shock on our return home. We arrive and step onto our home turf feeling different but being aware of the old familiar place we're returning to. 'There's no place like home' some people say as the pace of the big city or just re-engaging with our daily tasks, concerns and endeavours kick-in. For some, pretty soon, it can feel like we've never been away at all. We may lay intentions to set aside space for activities that will help us to sustain our energy levels and enjoyment of life; which help us cope with the expectations that others have on us, or that we ourselves know to be important. If only we had more time… And of course what's interesting is that whilst we gear up and become entrenched in Page 4 Perception The Cognitive Hypnotherapy Review ©2013-2016